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Wesley Friends is excited to announce the rollout of the Patient Portfolio. The Patient Portfolio is a great way to keep all your medical files in one place. It is designed to be taken with you to all medical appointments and hospitalizations. Another important use for the folder is for medical emergencies. A sticker on your front door will alert paramedics that your portfolio is kept near your bedside. When you arrive in the Emergency Room, doctors will be able to easily access all your important medical information quickly. The Patient Portfolio is available, free of charge, at all Wesley Friends events and in the Wesley Friends office.


  • Important medical papers in case of emergency
  • Alert sticker for your front door
  • Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney forms for medical decisions


  • Please take the time to complete the forms in the packet. You might consider having a family member assist you.
  • Tell family members you have a portfolio in case of an emergency.
  • Keep all of your discharge papers and doctor’s notes in the folder.
  • Keep by your bedside for paramedics in case of emergency.
  • Take to all of your medical visits.
  • Take to any emergency room visit or hospitalization.