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The $28 million facility is now 1 year old and still growing. Future plans include an upgrade to the Wesley Children’s Hospital ER and more specialists. Wesley Children’s Hospital, the region’s first and only dedicated hospital designed, built and equipped exclusively for children, celebrated its one-year anniversary this month – with a birthday party for staff and patient families. Since the announcement to build the $28 million children’s hospital in 2015, Wesley has recruited 12 pediatric subspecialists and four hospitalists to its pediatric services team. Physicians recruited this summer include a pediatric plastic surgeon, pediatric pulmonologist and non-operative pediatric orthopedic physician. Wesley now offers care in 22 pediatric subspecialties. “Wesley Children’s Hospital is not just bricks and mortar. It’s the people and programs inside these four walls that have made all the difference – and we have only just begun,” said Bill Voloch, CEO. “We will continue our efforts of building a world-class pediatric hospital that puts the needs of its patients and their families at the forefront.”