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Care Assure is a cardiac nurse navigator program that helps patients with specific cardiac illnesses and those with certain cardiac risk factors. As navigators, their role is to help ensure patients get a continuation of the great care they received in the hospital once they get home. Care Assure nurse navigators reach out to patients after they are discharged to make sure they understand their discharge instructions, provide education on any new medications they are taking, and make sure they have the resources needed to fill their medication prescriptions. Navigators also spend a lot of time educating patients on things to be aware of and signs that they may need to call their provider or come back to the hospital right away. “We also go as far as to schedule their follow-up appointments, which has been a huge patient satisfier since they don’t have to sit on hold with their doctor’s office to try and get their appointments scheduled,” said Ann Jensen, Care Assure nurse navigator for Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER. Nurse navigators also confirm with physician offices that the patient attended their follow-up appointment and will reach out if they miss their appointment to help them get rescheduled. The Care Assure nurse navigators said they try to see most of their patients before they go home so they can introduce themselves and let them know to be expecting a call.